3D Short & Storyboard [MM4402]

Client University of New Brunswick · Tags , , , ,

Original animated short created with Autodesk Maya. Thorough development of film began with original storyboarding, followed by construction, rigging, animating, and rendering of model.

Story line follows animated lamp, Luxor Jr., through a story of exploration and personal growth. The lamp’s movements imitate those of a human, or more specifically, those of a curious child: happily hopping, curiously standing on his ‘tippy-toes’, running away from the scary dark, hanging his head in disappointment, and even looking towards the audience looking for guidance. The audience can see the range of emotions from fearful, sad, and excited through the lamp’s movements. An otherwise inanimate object becomes a character, is portrayed and effectively brought to life.

NOTE – This school project brief required the use of a PIXAR inspired lamp in a one minute max short. Although use of lamp was a requisite, original model had to created by each individual.

Final short

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