What's my story?

Originally from Amsterdam, I made the move from Europe to Atlantic Canada in 2003. Attending the University of New Brunswick, I earned a bachelors degree in Computer Science with first class honours in Multimedia Systems. During my university career, I’ve been continuously recognized for my outstanding communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Mike Postma

I’ve been (ab)using my European sense of style to work as a freelance designer and developer since the start of this millennium. Having touched a diverse range of projects, from print design to business identity development, I found my true passion working with the web & photography. I am currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I am busy as a designer, photographer and web developer at trampoline branding, a branding agency. A meticulous graphic designer and web developer at heart, I aim to create original media with a strong focus on usability and web standards. This work ethic resulted in me winning a coveted ICE award in my first year in the advertising industry. Pretty sweet!

When I am not busy designing websites and slinging around HTML and PHP code, I am usually playing a variety of sports, including water polo, tennis and baseball, exploring the outdoors with sea kayaking and skiing or pursuing my true passion for photography — a hobby that will unfortunately continue to break my bank account again and again.

Need to get in touch? It’s simple, just send a message to emailme[at]mikepostma.com (and if you’re not a SPAMMER, make sure to replace “[at]” with an actual “@”).